2014 | Sheherezade 14 [PCSF & WW]

PCSF & Wily West Productions | Executive Producer | Sound Design

Wily West Productions Executive Producer Laylah Muran de Assereto has assembled a talented cast and a diverse collection of one-acts that meld into a satisfying evening of fresh and lively theatre.“-BEAST IN A JUNGLE

SHEHEREZADE 14*  by Terry Anderson, Vonn Scott Bair, Madeleine Butler, Bridette Dutta Protman, Steve Koppman, Jim Norrena, Madeline Puccioni, and Jennifer Lynne Roberts directed by Wesley Cayabyab and Amy Crumpacker with Music provided by Antonia Lucas, Slimmie, Lucy Clarke,  Solnce  | Exit Mainstage | June 7-28 2014

*Nominated TBA Outstanding Anthology 2014

Artwork by Paul Springer

♦ Production Team | Laylah Muran de Assereto ◊ Producer & Sound Design | Jennifer Lynne Roberts ◊ PCSF Co-Producer | Quinn Cayabyab ◊ Lead Design & Producing Director | Ellen Louise Chesnut ◊ Props & Set Dressing | Morgan Ludlow ◊ Publicity | Paul Springer ◊ Graphic Design | Jim Norrena ◊ Photography & Videographer ♦ 

| Cast | Cameron Galloway ⊗ Philip Goleman ⊗ Rick Homan ⊗ Jason Jeremy ⊗ Cat Luedtke ⊗ Leontyne Mbele-Mbong ⊗ Gareth Tidball ⊗ Genevieve Perdue 

| The Plays | Dissonance by Terry Anderson ⊗ The Duck by Vonn Scott Bair ⊗ The Box by Madeleine Butler ⊗ Brew, Drink, Repeat by Bridgette Dutta Portman ⊗ Almost Like Being Alive by Steve Koppman ⊗ Reframing Rockwell by Jim Norrena ⊗ The Interview by Madeline Puccioni ⊗ Photo Dynamic Therapy by Jennifer Lynne Roberts 

A fully produced short play festival featuring 8 original plays written by local San Francisco playwrights. Dealing with disparate topics from trying to get a job to trying to solve a decades old murder, from new to old romance, and from paint on canvas to the space time continuum these plays trace a common theme of perception and how we navigate reality when it can’t be relied upon or doesn’t hold up to the preconceived.

What a wealth of talent on display! The depth and range of the Bay Area Theatre community never ceases to amaze me.” – Carol Lashoff

Dissonance by Terry Anderson
directed by Amy Crumpacker
It’s Sunday in the park, a nice day for a stroll. The only problem is the body lying next to the path.

The Duck by Vonn Scott Bair
directed by Wesley Cayabyab
Hope refuses to cooperate with a missing person investigation, but learns that it’s actually an unsolved murder with a big surprise.

The Box by Madeleine Butler
directed by Wesley Cayabyab
Justin helps his zany friend Gina sneak into a museum after hours. Can they find the box she hid there as a child?

Brew, Drink, Repeat by Bridgette Dutta Portman
directed by Wesley Cayabyab
Joe enters Mobius Coffee one morning… and cannot leave. Will he find a way to escape with the help of the ditzy barista, or be stuck in a time loop forever?

Almost Like Being Alive by Steve Koppman
directed by Wesley Cayabyab
“How’s your Wednesday going?” young Starbuck’s workers are virtually required to ask, though their training hardly prepares them for all the responses that come their way.

Reframing Rockwell by Jim Norrena
directed by Amy Crumpacker
Norman Rockwell is one of the most celebrated American painters of the 20th century, who for nearly 50 years depicted in his work the seemingly perfect family. Yet what was going on in his own family was anything but perfect.

The Interview by Madeline Puccioni
directed by Amy Crumpacker
Margaret has all the skills to be a great bartender…except she’s an obnoxious grammar gorilla with wheezing asthma. Can she convince Darren to hire her, even though she flunked him out of her 1A class?

Photo Dynamic Therapy by Jennifer Lynne Roberts
directed by Amy Crumpacker
Gwyn likes Sionil, Sionil likes Gwyn, but can they overcome their grief, fears, and expensive anti-aging cream to forge a relationship?