2010 | San Francisco Stories [WW]

Wily West Productions | Executive Producer
“Mr. Ludlow has done it again. Gathering an ensemble of wonderfully entertaining short plays. Each sprinkled with San Francisco neighborhood charm and wit.” -GOLDSTAR MEMBER

by Stuart Bousel, Morgan Ludlow, Kim Luke, Evelyn Jean Pine and Kirk Shimano
directed by Soumyaa Kapil
Stage Werx | May 13-29 2010

Artwork by Paul Springer
Quinn Cayabyab | Lighting Design and Technical Director
Amy Lizardo Ryan | Stage Manager

Starring:  Monique Gonsalves, Alex Hersler, Jason Jeremy, Jeff Newton, Celeste Russi, Steve Salzman, Jessica Scalzo, and Kira Shaw

What do a couple swingers, a Siberian orphanage, a gay superhero, a woman who has lost her cat, two North Beach restaurateurs and a bunch of corporate yuppies have in common?   Find out in San Francisco Stories!  A modern collection of hilarious and heart-warming plays set in our beloved city by writers who live here. 

“Enjoyable, unpretentious stories. Plots and actors were great. I would recommend it…” – Mike Arbunich GOLDSTAR MEMBER