Valentine’s Day Blues Kept At Bay

© 2/14/2004

Absolutely drunk,
or maybe just “buzzed”,
but feeling…
loosey juicy anyway

live receptors
waiting for contact

Limitless heart,
limitless hope

cliff face, unscalable
uh-uh No “un”.
Scale it baby.

Forget how high
forget how long
forget yesterday
forget then
forget today
forget now

No worries
no tomorrow
no “what if”.
Here is the key
here are the wings
here are the tools
here is, here was,
here will be
the magic carpet
the “open sesame”
the no promises
no guarantee
nothing but


There were
the “alone” days
the selfless martyr
self-pity days
the Valentine’s Day

Here is
will be



[Filmed for the Piano Fight 30-Poems in 30-Days project-posted 4/29/2014]


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