Reality Check

Um, excuse me.  Yeah you.  You

Wearing your reality.  You can’t do

That here.  Not beyond this point.

Yes this point here.  I’ll need you

To take that off.  Take that off and

Leave it here.  See, I’ll give you this

Piece of cardboard with a picture of

A duck that’s been taped over with

Clear tape.  I’ll give the duck to you

And I’ll clip the same image onto your

Shedded reality.  I’ll hang it up here

You keep the duck and when you come

Back, I’ll have it here waiting for you.

That is if you still want it.  It will be

Safe with me.  It will stay just the way

You left it.  Yes, just so, but I’m afraid

You’ll have to leave it here with me.

I can’t let you go on with it any farther

Than this point here.  Didn’t you see the

Sign?  “Reality Check – Mandatory”?

Thank you, oh and that will be 2 dollars,

With a tip if you don’t mind.

(c) 2005


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