Pumpkin Ale

I remembered a young man from my youth
He made pumpkin ale and brought it to parties
It was to “get the girls”, who “loooved it”
The girls lined up to get theirs
A line through the hall to the keg in the tub
And always for him a smile, a compliment,
Maybe even a giggle and a flirt or two

I remembered this young man from my youth
And told E about him; E made a joke
“making a note to self” about pumpkin ale
– to catch the girls of course –
I pointed out it was only the 22 year olds
He made special “note” of that as well
I teased “they’re easy, no note needed”

I remembered myself from my youth
Boys tried, men tried, I tried to be impressed
To pull my defenses down on their behalf
Something kept me at arms length
What would have to be in that “note to self”
To have gotten the 22 year old that was me?
It wasn’t many things.


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