Underneath the Above and Below

Underneath the Above and Below

Nadia has secrets.  Sydney’s job as a journalist compels her to investigate secrets, but how far is she willing to go when her investigation leads her to her sister?

Author’s Note:  There had been a slew of safety and compliance failures blanketed in the news with devastating effects that lead to vehicle recalls, oil spills, food poisoning, and banking failures.  In my professional life, I’ve observed first hand how frequently people disregard rules and regulations, generally with no malice.  It’s a matter of convenience and expediency most of the time or fear of having to deal with unpleasant reactions from superiors.  And most of the time it’s very minor, low risk activities.  I wanted to explore what happens when one of those seemingly minor, “everyone does it”, violations leads to serious consequences.  The individual involved would have to recognize how they contributed to the consequential outcome.  What would that do to them?  How would they react? How would loved ones react?  What if they didn’t deal with it honorably?  I’d been binging on Alias at the time on Netflix, which lead to the women being sisters, adversaries, and sharing the sibling’s names.  Since the reading I’ve been expanding the play into a one act (originally a 10 minute piece).

Production History

  • Reading at PCSF (September 2014) | Shelton Theatre
    Featuring:  Leontyne Mbele-Mbong (Nadia) &

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