Pitchfork and Light

A Play in One Act (c) 2013

When Lena’s long lost childhood friend, Dave, re-enters her life, it’s not an entirely welcome event for her or her family.

Author’s note:  Since it’s inclusion in the 24-Hour Play Fest, I’ve been revising this to a full length murder mystery.  The aspect that most interested me for exploration was what happens to your present when your past comes forward unexpectedly, how does it affect your control over your own life and the narrative you’ve been building about who you are, your life, the people you love.  There is an element of dance performance that is incorporated into the play as well, because I felt the murder at the heart of the story is centered in domestic abuse; dance is the ultimate control of one’s body, something the women involved don’t necessarily have.

Production History:

Pitchfork and Light by Laylah Muran de Assereto dir Dawn Williams | PCSF 24-Hour Fest | Photo by Jim Norrena
  • PCSF’s 24-Hour Play Fest September 2012
    directed by Dawn Monique Williams with Lila Tavelli as Lena, Lili Brumme as Adriana, Kevin as Mark, and Damian Lanahan-Kalish as Dave

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