Produced Plays

A 10-minute romantic comedy (c) 2014

Lorraine is a young scientist researching declining bee populations. When she runs into a lost childhood friend, she feels the need to defend the heroism of what she does.


A Collaborative project – 8 playwrights collaborated to create a 90 minute monologues show

#ISawIT… did you?  An anomalous event has occurred.  A city is in ruins.  Some are saying ti was a force of nature.  Others believe it was an act of God.  Some claim it was a shadow, a cloud, a creature, a…something.  Rumors run rampant and suspicions run high.  The #ISawIT hashtag has gone viral.  Conspiracy theories, riots, and accusations plague the city.  How will the citizens react to this upheaval?  Will things ever be the same?  Can they?  Should they?


A Play in One Act (c) 2010

A foreign correspondent released from custody in Iran returns to his offices with two colleagues to collect items and determine if any information of use is left in the ransacked space.  The three of them struggle with their role and the need to continue.


A Short Play (c) 2014

Justine is about as unassuming and average as it gets for a woman in her fifties.  This mid-level IT manager, estranged from her kids and with nothing much to lose, is the last person you’d expect to be subversive or have such a big secret; but then it’s always the people you suspect the least isn’t it?


A Play in One Act (c) 2012

Nadia has secrets.  Sydney’s job as a journalist compels her to investigate secrets, but how far is she willing to go when her investigation leads her to her sister?


A Play in One Act (c) 2013

When Lena’s long lost childhood friend, Dave, re-enters her life, it’s not an entirely welcome event for her or her family.


A Short Play (c) 2014

Tala Singh may have gotten more than she bargained for one day at the food co-op when Angry Fairy Boy, a cranky, local Scottish superhero pays her a visit in the bulk gains aisle.  He questions her commitment to doing no harm and may know more about her than she thinks he does.


A Ten Minute Play written for The SF Olympians Festival 2015

A renowned, if aging, investigative journalist and former navy captain has been captured by pirates, who keep him confined in a massive baobab tree.  Three women keep him company and wile away the hours with card games and questions he can’t always answer; and even if he could, he probably shouldn’t.  Just what did the fates have in store for Telamon, and how will his past affect his future?



A 2-minute play (c) 2014

Tala Singh and Angry Fairy Boy have to make a living – superheroes don’t get much in the way of compensation for their good deeds, and not everyone can be Bruce Wayne.  What better way than a short spot hawking S.H.L.I for a national campaign?  After-all every citizen should have Superhero Liability Insurance for those times they need rescuing.


A 10-Minute Play (c) 2015

Kelia, Omar, and Rodel have been inseparable since childhood.  When Omar’s girlfriend moves to Chicago, he plans to follow.  Rodel gets an opportunity of a lifetime in LA.  And when Kelia gets a new client Omar and Rodel learn something they never expected about her politics.



A 10-Minute Play (c) 2013

Karen, Bitty, and Cheryl have been best friends since elementary school.  Karen has always held on too tightly to the world as it is – or as she wants it to be.  When (afraid she’s going to lose her marriage) Karen makes a resolution to be more present, she realizes that her friends have changed in ways she didn’t expect.  Cheryl moved to St. Louis, but her address isn’t the only thing that changed.  Cheryl’s friendship with an old school rival, Joan, wasn’t what Karen thought it was.  A lumberyard and florist’s shop she doesn’t even know had opened are about to go out of business and how that affects Bitty is beyond her.


A 10-Minute Play in Reverse (c) 2014

Women frequently find that they don’t have the ability to control their personal space, whether it’s emotional, physical, or intellectual.  In this short four scene play Portia makes the decision to break up with her boyfriend Jake, who doesn’t understand the boundaries she requires.  We see the aftermath of the breakup initially and then trace the evening out at a bar in reverse.



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