April 2018

The Laramie Project | Left Coast Theatre Company
directed by Stuart Bousel
April 6-22nd | Exit Theatre SF

Erica Andracchio
Megan Briggs
Andrew Calabrese
Ellen Dunphy
Tim Garcia
Terry Haley
Steve Mallers
Laylah Muran de Assereto
Alejandro Torres
Wera von Wulfen

March 2018

The Grateful Deadly a short play anthology | Playland Productions
The Visit by Laylah Muran de Assereto (playwright)
March 8-17th | Exit Theatre SF
Pay-what-you-can every performance




November 2017

PCSF Playoffs 2017
Shaving Bees, by Laylah Muran de Assereto (playwright)
Dates/Locations TBD

With precarious bee populations causing concern across the agricultural and scientific communities – around the globe – scientists are attaching tiny tracking devices to bees to track where they are going when they migrate away from their hives and die. Lorraine is a young scientist who does this work – including shaving the bees. When she runs into a lost childhood friend, she feels the need to defend the heroism of what she does.

October 2017

A Place with the Pigs, by Athol Fugard
directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto
Staged Reading
October 8th | 2:00pm
Stage Werx

Under The Milky Way in the Light of Day, by Laylah Muran de Assereto
Playwright | Directed by Farah Dinga
Staged Reading, SF Olympians Festival VIII:  Mediterranean Cruise
October 7th | 8:00pm

March 2017

Shaving Bees, by Laylah Muran de Assereto
Staged Reading, PCSF Playoffs Round 1*
March 5th | 3:30pm and 7:00pm
Shelton Theatre 533 Sutter Street (downstairs)

*selected by audience to move on to the full production in November

October 2016

Terra Incognita Episode VI

Actress:  Decima
Ex Nihilo @ Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster Street in Oakland
tickets are free but make a reservation!

A cross-country driving excursion. A map and possessed darts. Entanglements in myths, urban legends, folklore…What is the ultimate destination for these adventurers? Will they arrive? And more importantly, what’s up with these darts?

August 2016

As of One, by Laylah Muran de Assereto
Playwright | Director
Staged Reading, Repro Rights: The Body Politic as part of
Three Girls Theatre’s New Works Festival

August 25th | 7:00pm
tickets are free @Thick House 1695 18th Street

An evening of short pieces on women’s reproductive rights and body autonomy. Short plays, monologues, poetry, and song by these fantastic artists:

Chardonnay Comedy, Patricia Miller, Evelyn Jean Pine, Lola Miller-Henline, Lorraine Midanik, Madeline Puccioni, Maggie WIlson, Mia Romero, Nicole Jost, Pamela Winfrey, Laylah Muran de Assereto, and Susan Jackson

Terra Incognita Episode V

Actress:  Decima
Ex Nihilo @ Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster Street in Oakland
tickets are free but make a reservation!

A cross-country driving excursion. A map and possessed darts. Entanglements in myths, urban legends, folklore…What is the ultimate destination for these adventurers? Will they arrive? And more importantly, what’s up with these darts?

June 2016

Cyclone Dancing by Madeline Puccioni
Actress:  Louise
PCSF @ Shelton Theater
533 Sutter Street in San Francisco
Suggested donation $10-20

Anybody can be a mother, right? Especially if your husband is a prominent pediatrician. Louise has just been accepted into the MFA program at SFSU and now she’s a published poet. How hard could something as basic as new motherhood be?

May 2016

The Possibility, by Vonn Scott Bair
Staged Reading, Playwrights Center of San Francisco
May 16th | 7:30pm
@Shelton Studios 533 Sutter Street (downstairs) in San Francisco
$20 suggested donation; members free | buy tickets at the door

The Possibility is a full-length “modular play” depicting the internal struggles of a man and a woman who think about the possibility of adultery–and who might act upon that.

April 2016


Terra Incognita – Episode 4:  Misery and Mystery in Missouri
Actress:  Decima
Ex Nihilo @ Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster Street in Oakland
tickets are free but make a reservation!

In episode four, MISERY AND MYSTERY IN MISSOURI, the journey takes our sisters to Louisiana, MO where their mother’s ashes mysteriously disappear. Creepy! Can they work together to outwit the legendary Missouri Monster and recover the stolen urn before it’s too late?

March 2016

Talking Heads by Alan Bennett dir Stephen Drewes
Actress:  Celia (in Hand of God)
Spare Stage Productions @ Royce Gallery
2901 Mariposa Street in San Francisco
buy tickets
8:00pm Fri & Sat | 4pm Sun
March 11th – March 27th

An award-winning series of solo pieces, classics of contemporary drama, hailed for their razor-sharp wit and deeply felt humanity.

“Ms. De Assereto never misses a beat in telling her tale and is so delicious a storyteller, I actually wanted her to stay longer on stage rather than take a bow and leave.”- Eddie Reynolds | Talkin’ Broadway

“These extraordinary portraits of ordinary people confirm Alan Bennett’s place as one of the most gifted, versatile, and important writers in the English language.”

“Few write sharper dialogue or probe more tellingly into the frailties and occasional strengths of the human psyche than Alan Bennett.”

– William Trevor

January 2016

Musical Cafe Winter 2016 Showcase
Director the Right Note by Jerome Joseph Gentes and Rice Majors
Musical Cafe @ Piano Fight – Jan 25th and Jan 30th


THE RIGHT NOTE Books and Lyrics by Jerome Joseph Gentes, Music and Lyrics by Rice Majors, Directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto Shown: Joseph Alvarado, Chris Maltby, Kyle Pretty Cool Stoner, Ayelet Firstenberg, Cabiria Jacobsen, Jesse Cortez, Beebe Reisman, Shannon Kealey photo by Marc Sternberger — at PianoFight.

December 2015

Director (Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco @ the Exit Stage Left – December 3-12, 2015)

A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED PARK BENCH by Patricia L Morin directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto with Brian Levi and Amber Glasgow Sheherezade’s Last Tales Photo (c) Colin Hussey

A 15-year tradition that brings together the talent of local writers, actors, directors and designers. The final year of SHEHEREZADE in its current form — hence, SHEHEREZADE’S LAST TALES! From zany money-making schemes and awkward first dates at 70, to buried pasts, dark secrets and the aftermath of war, these plays range from hilarious to sobering and bittersweet.

TBA Recommended Production (12/9/2015)

“…a rich array of plays and a tour de force by directors and actors. The production fulfills the promise of this year’s fiesta because these plays embody the best of comedy, melancholy, challenge, love, and longing.” — Barry Horwitz, TheatreStorm

“I had a great time last night watching these wonderful plays. Each one had so much to offer and each was a masterfully constructed world. It felt so good on my brain.” — Sara Judge

“Highly recommend spending a delightful evening watching Sheherezade’s Last Tales at the Exit Theatre in SF. Timely, funny, poignant short plays by locals, well acted…” — Sheila Koren

SPARSE PUBIC HAIR by Lorraine Midanik directed by Laylah Muran de Assereto, Choreographed by Wesley Cayabyab with Rick Homan and Miyoko Sakatani Sheherezade’s Last Tales Photo (c) Colin Hussey

A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED PARK BENCH, by Patricia L. Morin with Brian Levi (Saul) and Amber Glasgow (Kid)
An old Jewish man sits on a park bench talking to the moon as he reflects on his wife’s death when a young teenager with a gun attempts to mug him.

SPARSE PUBIC HAIR, by Lorraine Midanik with Rick Homan (Kenneth) and Miyoko Sakatani (Mildred)
Two older adults, both seeking casual relationships, meet through the Internet for an uncomfortable first date at a bar.

THE STUFF WE KEEP, by Rod McFadden with Alexaendrai Bond (Julie), Louel Senores (Bob), and AJ Davenport (Helen)
While cleaning out the basement of their deceased father, a brother and sister find a box of secret love letters to him, not from their mother. Should the letters be shown to their mother? In trying to decide this, the siblings uncover their own dangerous secrets.

RORSCHACH TEST, by Vaughn Hovannessian with Brian Levi (David), Miyoko Sakatani (Maureen), Rick Homan (Dr. Sanders)
A couple attends a marriage counseling session with a twist.

November 2015

Playwright (SF Olympians Festival  – November 2015)

A short play commissioned for the SF Olympians Festival 2015, which will have a staged reading in an evening of other shorts in November.  In FORTRESS FOUND (inspired by the Argonaut and Greek hero Telamon’s story), a renowned, if aging, investigative journalist and former navy captain has been captured by pirates, who keep him confined in a massive baobab tree. Three women keep him company and wile away the hours with card games and questions he can’t always answer; and even if he could, he probably shouldn’t. Just what did the fates have in store for Telamon, and how will his past affect his future?



July/August 2015

REPRO RIGHTS – Women @ Risk
Director (3 Girls Theatre with Repro Rights Theatre – August 6, 2015 – Thick House)

Directing 4 of 8 Plays:  A WOMB OF ONE’S OWN by Jeremy Cole; MIDNIGHT AT LA CATRINA by Madeline Puccioni; THE BIBLE AND GRACE by Lee Brady; and IT FARCELY SEEMS POSSIBLE by Jennifer Roberts

3GT — along with our guest curator, Repro Rights Theater–presents an evening of short works in response to the dire need to address attacks on women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive rights in the U.S. The program honors the risk-takers of NARAL Pro-Choice California, who have inspired us with their leadership and passion for protecting women’s reproductive rights for nearly forty years.


Playwright (Wily West Productions – July/August 2015 – Exit Theatre)


Two new collaboration projects from Wily West that will be compiled into productions this summer.  Similar to the collaboration project that became SUPERHEROES last year, I will be on of several playwrights to be writing to specific themes over the next six weeks.  The work will be narrowed down to curated sets and produced in the summer.  The topics this year are I SAW IT which will be a series of monologues and ZERO HOUR: The Mars Experiment which will be a collection of short vignettes and plays.  To read more about the shows click here.

With fellow playwrights:  Jennifer Lynne Roberts (Head Writer), Charles Lewis III, Conrad Panganiban, Melissa Keith, Morgan Ludlow, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Jaene Leonard, Karl Schackne

Directed by Ariel Craft


October 2014

Director (Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco – Staged Reading October 6, 2014)

Lance Patterson has been unemployed for over a year, and his prospects seem worse each day. Now the financial and emotional stresses lead his wife, Susan, to doubt his commitment to her. But when Lance meets Gwen, a young battered woman in need of help, and he finds renewed purpose in his life. He sets out to rescue Gwen. Can his worthy ends justify the means he chooses? And when someone ends up dead in an alley, how far will Lance and Susan go to save what’s left of their life together?


July/August 2014

Playwright (January 2014 – production July/August 2014)

A writing project for Wily West Productions.  8 playwrights – me, Morgan Ludlow, Patricia Milton, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Jennifer Lynne Roberts, Susan Jackson, Karl Shackne, Rod McFadden – and the talented musician, Kat Downs (of Sit Kitty Sit) write plays (or music) for 6 weeks of 3-6 pages each around a central theme (chosen in January) and subtopics (chosen each week).  At the end of the process the lead writer (Jennifer), director (Alicia Coombes), and producing director (Quinn Cayabyab) will craft an evening out of selected pieces.  Kat Downs will perform the music live during each performance.  Performances in July/August alternating with Wily West’s production of Everyone Here Says Hello, by Stuart Bousel and directed by Rik Lopes.

The cast includes:  Jenna May, Dan Wilson, Karen Offereins, Barrett Courtney, Brian Flagel, and Shelley Lynn Johnson

3 of my plays will be included in Superheroes:


The results range from the level of very good sketch comedy to a piece so over-the-top funny (“Marvin’s Last Wish” by Bridgette Dutta Portman) that it produced what is certainly the longest sustained audience laugh I can remember. It just kept coming in waves, as the shocked, but no doubt delighted, actors stood frozen in tableau…


JUNE 2014

Staged Reading of BLOODLINE, by Alan Olejniczak and Jeff Mattlin
Director (Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco – June 16th 2014 @ the Shelton Theatre 7:30 pm)

A historical drama of Alexander the Great’s rise to power. Set against bitter family quarrels and political intrigue, the young prince must fight to win the crown of Macedon.


Producer (June 2014 @ Exit Theatre SF)

Wily West produces Sheherezade again this year for The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco.  The 6th year that I’m produced this terrific short play festival.  8 playwrights, 7 actors, 2 directors and a fantastic tech/design team create a dynamic and diverse show with 8 plays.  We strive to have one of the most fully realized short play productions around.

This year’s production included plays by Terry Anderson, Vonn Scott Bair, Madeleine Butler, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Steve Koppman, Jim Norrena, Madeline Puccioni, and Jennifer Roberts.  Our directors were Wesley Cayabyab and Amy Crumpacker.  The ensemble includes  Cameron Galloway, Philip Goleman, Rick Homan, Jason Jeremy, Catherine LuedtkeLeontyne Mbele-Mbong, and Valerie “Gareth” Tidball, and Genevieve Perdue.   Quinn Cayabyab and Ellen Chesnut designed and Antonia Lucas  produced music for the show.

Nominee TBA Outstanding Anthology 2014

Wily West Productions Executive Producer Laylah Muran de Assereto has assembled a talented cast and a diverse collection of one-acts that meld into a satisfying evening of fresh and lively theatre.


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